Anissa (uberspiral) wrote,

Name Day

An odd gift, I helped give a feast day. Actually yesterday, when filling out information sheets, my mother had left her name day blank. I pointed out she had the middle name Mary, and Magdalena and I discussed the necessity not only of giving her one, but which one. "Now the problem with Mary, is, not finding you a day, but choosing which one," Magdalena thought out loud. "Now, there's which Mary, and if it's the Virgin Mary, there are still so many..." My mother stood looking a bit embarrassed by all our attention and fussing, but happily. "There's the Annunciation," said Magdalena. "Yes, perfect!" I answered for her. "You love the Annunciation. Do you think you'd like that?" "Yes, artistically, and the meaning..." "Great!" Perhaps we were pushy, but Dolores Mary was pleased and it's not every day you get to give a day.
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